Guarantee terms


These Guarantee Terms and Conditions will be applied to all legal relationships in which Selter acts as a potential manufacturer and seller and / or supplier of magnetic applications to another party ("Customer"). The applicability of the general terms and conditions to which the Customer refers is explicitly excluded.

Selter guarantees its products against any manufacturing defect and / or defective parts during a period of 2 years from the date indicated on the delivery note.

Selter guarantees that the product:

- Is suitable for normal use described in the corresponding manual.

- Where appropriate, is suitable for a specific use agreed between Selter and the Customer.

- Will operate in accordance with agreed properties, specifications and characteristics; provided that the equipment is installed, used and maintained correctly and in accordance with the instructions provided by Selter.

Selter's guarantee does not cover efects caused by:

- Normal wear and tear that can reasonably be expected during normal use of the equipment.

- Improper handling, misuse, bumps and falls.

- Alterations, adjustments and / or modifications made by the Customer to the Equipment without the written consent of Selter.

- Improper installation of the equipment.

- Maintenance performed by the Customer improperly and / or in derogation of the instructions provided by Selter.

- Repairs made by the Customer without the written consent of Selter.

- The use of non-original spare parts.

The guarantee does not foresee the intervention of the Selter personnel in the place where the product is located. It will be necessary to send it to the Selter facilities, which will be freight prepaid.

The guarantee is not valid in case of late payments.

Deteriorations caused to other goods as a result of a defect in the product supplied by Selter, are not covered by the guarantee.

For the use of the guarantee must be attached with the product, the original or copy, delivery note or invoice.

The Customer must notify any defect under guarentee to Selter via e-mail (, as soon as possible after detecting the defect or problem. Claims will not be accepted after 30 days of receipt of the equipment.

The customer agrees that it may be necessary to stop the production process to allow Selter to manage the guarantee problems and perform the necessary services, without Selter being responsible for any damage, or being charged for stopping processes.

Unless Selter and the Customer agree otherwise, warranty matters will be dealt with during normal business days (Monday through Friday) and during normal business hours.

Selter guarantees the availability of spare parts for the equipment for a period of five (5) years after the date of delivery of the equipment.