Over 60 years experience

Our company is specialized in the design and manufacture of magnetic applications for the industry. 

Founded in 1956, we devote our main activity is the production of magnetic chucks, expanding during the 60 range of chucks with other magnetic and electromagnetic systems. In 1969 SELTER initiated the exportations, which have been increasing until nowadays, exporting to Europe, America and other areas.

We present our range of magnetic systems very useful in machine tools and general industry. The design of our products is the result of our experience of over 60 years manufacturing magnetic applications. So SELTER has always had in mind the needs of the market, thus achieving the best ratio quality-price. Apart from standard products, SELTER designes and manufactures personalized magnetic systems to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

Our sales and technical staff is at your disposal for any questions you may have concerning our products.

1956  Creation of the company and start of the activity

1956-1959  Start the manufacture of rectangular magnetic chucks with Alnico magnets, followed by magnetic stands for dial gauges and circular chucks.

1960-1969  Important incorporation of new magnetic products in SELTER program, such as elevators, separators, transmission blocks, sine tables and desmagnetitzadors (portable and table). At the end of this decade SELTER begins with the manufacture of electromagnetic devices: circular plates were first, followed by the rectangular electromagnets and drill stands.

1970-1979  Production of the first tunnel desmagnetitzators for continuous service and annular plates continous loading.

1980-1989  Change in the type of magnets: Alnico magnets are replaced by ceramic in plates and liftings. Started the electropermanent magnetic chucks programm.

1990-1999  Started with the neodymium magnet chucks, and created a new range of elevators with Neodymium magnets which replaced the previous range made with ceramic magnets.

2000-2009  First systems of high performance magnetic separation. This was a particularly important decade for improving processes and product quality.

2010-2016  Increasingly, the need to solve specific problems with customized solutions appears. In this decade SELTER specializes in these applications. In July 2016 SELTER celebrated the 60th anniversary.


Professionalism, experience, efficiency, flexibility, commitment, respect, honesty and loyalty.

To SELTER, these corporate values represent our framework and guide us on how to deal with the situations we face in our daily activity. These are the values we have in mind when we relate to our customers, suppliers, partners, and society in general. We trust them and we are sure that will help us to project ourselves into the future in the right way.


Back in 1969 SELTER began exporting its products. First there was the European market, starting with the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, etc.. In the 70’s, we initiated relationships with several U.S. A. companies, grinding machine manufacturers. 

Later and thanks to the incorporation of new countries in the EU, export network expands to Poland and Czech Republic, while increases and strengthens the relationship with other countries such as France and Portugal. At present the focus is on the introduction into Central and South American market.


SELTER SA En cumplimiento de lo establecido en el artículo 319 de la Ley de Sociedades de Capital, el Consejo de Administración de SELTER SA, hace público que en la Junta General Extraordinaria y Universal de accionistas de esta compañía, en su reunión celebrada el pasado 15 de Diciembre de 2014, a la que asistieron todos los accionistas titulares del cien por cien del capital social y por unanimidad de todos ellos fue acordado:

Aprobar por UNANIMIDAD, una reducción de capital de importe nominal 15.866,72€ derivada de la amortización de 28 acciones SERIE A, 140 acciones SERIE B, 42 acciones SERIE C y 30 acciones SERIE D, con cargo a reservas de libre disponibilidad, quedando el Capital Social fijado en la suma de CIENTO CINCUENTA y SIETE MIL SETECIENTOS SETENTA y SIETE EUROS con SETENTA CÉNTIMOS (157.777,70€), estando completamente suscrito y desembolsado.

Aprobar por UNANIMIDAD, la nueva distribución a los socios de las acciones SERIE A, B, C y D, que configuran el nuevo capital social……..

En virtud del artículo 335.c) de la Ley de Sociedades de Capital, se hace constar que los acreedores no gozan de derecho de oposición a la presente operación de reducción de capital.

GIRONA, 17/12/2014.- Secretario del Consejo de Administración.