Quadri-Pol ELECTROPERMANENS magnetic chucks for milling

These chucks have square poles with great magnetic power and they are specially designed to hold iron pieces in milling operations.

They are built form a solid block of steel and have great stabillity and rigidity with no warping.

The five accessible sides of the pieces can be machined in one only operation without the need for clamps or jaws.

The cuck's electropermanent circuit offers the following advantages:

  • Minimal energy consumption; energy is only consumed during the magnetisation and demagnetisation process.
  • Absence of warping as the chuck does not heat up.
  • There is no risk of accident due to a cut in the power supply.

Electronic controller allows the allows sequential activation of 1, 2, 3 or 4 chucks. It also incorporates a parasitic high power EMD filter, that complies with electromagnetic compatibility directive.

Polar extensions

These extensions are prolongations of the chuck's square poles a certain height, parts of irregular surface, are securely attached to the chuck by means of the polar extensions.

There are two types: fixed and mobile. Mobile extensions adapt to the irregular surface of the piece and the fixed ones act as a support point. The perfect clamping is obtained by using 3 fixed extensions and so many mobiles as the piece requires.


QP 1.50Suitable for thickness from 8-10 mm

QP 2.50
Greater power than the 1.50, for
Greater attraction power than 1.50 version, for larger airgaps.

QP 1.70
Suitable for thickness from 15-20 mm

QP 2.70
Greater power than the 1.70, for
Greater attraction power than 1.50 version, for larger airgaps.