Magnetic Sheet Floaters

Magnetic sheet floaters are used for lifting steel sheets from a pile and holding them suspended in the air. The sheets are separated from each other by positioning magnetic blocks specially designed for this purpose at one or more sides of the pile sheets.

They are especially suitable for manual or automatic feeding of machines.

These floaters consist of a stainless steel casing with an anisotropic magnet system installed inside. The casing and the magnets are held in position with a steel backplate.

Each unit can be mounted on the workplace or can be free standing.

When the pile of sheets are introduced into the magnetic field (on the operative face of the magnet), the sheets automatically take up their individual positions. The explanation is simple and interesting. Magnetic poles are induced in the steel sheets, and in accordance with the laws of magnetism, opposite poles repel making the sheets separate.


Choosing the right floater depends on the following factors:

1. Thickness of the sheet
2. Dimensions of the sheet
3. Height of the pile
4. Surface quality of the sheet
5. Sheet conditions (humidity, oil,...)

To select the floater the following guidelines are suggested:

The floater must be higher than the pile of sheets in order to achieve the correct separation.

Maximum surface to separate per floater:

  • For normal sheets up to 0.3 m²
  • For sheets with oil up to 0.15 m²

If the sheets are to be removed with an automatic process more separators will be needed around the pile.