Rectangular electromagnetic chucks

This chuck is universal with good magnetic holding, and is suitable for all kinds of work on grinding machines or milling
machines depending on their pole spacing.

The chuck does not heat up even after several hours of operation.

It has a long working life due to the watertight integrity of the coil.

Input voltage 110 V DC. Other voltages can be supplied on request.

Ingress Protection: IP 67

This chuck requires a controller for its operation, which supplies the appropriate voltages for the magnetisation and
demagnetisation process of the chuck.

Standard Polar Spacing

Suitable for all kinds of pieces. Transversal pole spacing of 20 mm of steel and 4 of brass for the most of dimensions. Chucks of reduced dimensions are provided with 15-4 pole spacing (see table).

Clamping force: 120/cm²

Fine Pole Spacing

Finer pole spacings are available for grinding small pieces (40 mm or less).

45-5 Pole Spacing

Transversal pole spacing of 45 mm of steel and 5 of brass.
Suitable for milling pieces with lengths of 80 mm or more. Good holding of the pieces with large air gaps, such as cast pieces, oxygen-cut pieces, forged pieces, etc.

Clamping force: 140/cm²

Controllers for electromagnetic chucks

This controller is required to completely demagnetise the electromagnetic chucks.

It consists of a metal box joined to a remote control with a 6 m cable.

Input voltage: 220-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz.

Output voltage: 110 V DC.