Circular magnetic chucks

This model is designed for use on lathes and grinding machines.

It is installed using a chuck back plate, in the same way as for a normal jaw chuck.

It offers progressive magnetisation to help centre the piece.

Chucks of 250ø or more are prepared for making an hole in the centre of the top plate in order to fit a stop or centring device.

It is available in two different pole spacings: Fi-Pol and Max-Pol.


Fine pole spacing: 6-1.5-2-1.5 (6 mm of steel, 1.5 of brass, 2 of steel and 1.5 of brass).

Suitable for small or narrow pieces (less than 5 mm wide).

Chucks of 100ø and 130ø have 4 mm of steel instead of 6.


Pole spacing of 8-5 (8 mm of steel and 5 of brass).

It has greater magnetic power than Fi-Pol and is suitable for all kinds of pieces, from thicknesses of 5 mm to the largest pieces.